General Library: Sexy is Back by DaBlackRose

Rating:PG13 Created:2007-10-31
Genre:Comedy Updated:2007-10-31
Style:General Status:Complete

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After a long night of fighting, Serena falls asleep on none other than her arch nemesis, Darien! She has some rather interesting dreams, which lead to a few unforeseen and embarrassing events to follow. [Oneshot]

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Review by Nephthys Moon 2007-11-05

I literally had tears coming out of my eyes reading this. Tears, I tell you. I was so grateful my husband wasn't at home - he would have thought I'd gone daft or something.

The story itself is a cliche, but done in such a hilarious manner that it is almost poking fun at the cliche, making it new again. Very impressive.

I did feel, though, that your characterization of Serena was a bit off in the beginning - forced, perhaps. However, it tied into the story well. Perh... (more)

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