Vignette Collection: Daughters of Lightning by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Crossover Rating:PG13
Created:2009-04-08 Modified:2009-04-08
Summary:To say that Kino Makoto is pissed is a royal understatement.
Daughters of Lightning

To say that Kino Makoto is pissed is a royal understatement.

"What's the matter, Green Giant?" the blonde who would remind her a little of Minako if she weren't such a huge bitch taunts from across the street.

In point of fact, Kino Makoto is really pissed.

Sparks fly between Elle's outstretched fingertips. "Scared, little girl?"

Really really pissed.

Elle smiles and flings her hand back, a ball of electricity crackling in her palm. "Maybe this'll get you talking."

So pissed in fact that Makoto doesn't feel the slightest bit exerted when she leaps across the street, pulls her fist back, and lands a glorious punch right on Elle's jaw.

Elle coughs and wheezes. Then she spits out a mouthful of blood into her powerless palm. Makoto smiles at the tooth fragment shining in the crimson.

Elle snarls. "You're not so jolly."

Makoto just grins and then soundly kicks the girl in the face, knocking her out instantly.

"That is because you're bitch," Makoto informs her prone body in broken English. "Lightning is mine."

Somehow, Makoto thinks as she walks away and whistling a jaunty tune, she doubts Elle will forget that.

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