General Library: Too Sexy For My Fur by Krysia

Fandom:Crossover (Sailormoon)
Rating:PG13 Created:2006-08-19
Genre:Comedy Updated:2006-08-19
Style:Character Study Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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Poor Artemis. Sometimes when you make a wish, you get more than you bargained for.

Author's Comments:

his is a Sailor Moon/Wish crossover. For those unfamiliar with the Wish series, it is an adorable series about angels and devils. Clamp distributed the story in 4 volumes. As for a disclaimer: I claim no ownership in any of the characters portrayed in this story. I'm just playing with them a bit. And in case you were wondering, I used both anime and manga references. I figured since it was a crossover anything was fair game! And I do realize that I blatently ignored the Japanese tradition for Valentine’s day and White day in favor of a more Americanized version. Mostly for convenience sake. What can I say—lazy author! ;)

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