General Library: Maybe Redemption Has Stories to Tell by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Crossover (Sailormoon - Veronica Mars)
Rating:R Created:2006-07-09
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-07-09
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

01: Bar Scene (PHP)
02: Russian Roulette (PHP)
03: All Fall Down (PHP)
04: Not Soon Enough (PHP)
05: Ever Slowly Dying (PHP)
06: Without Healing (PHP)
07: Heroine Addict (PHP)
08: The Difference (PHP)
09: Poor Little Rich Boy (PHP)
10: Inner Dialogue for a Dying Man (PHP)
11: Catch My Fall (PHP)
12: Undeserving (PHP)
13: Frenetic Copulation (PHP)
14: Maybe It's Like Brigadoon (PHP)
15: Because It's Real (PHP)
16: Remembering When and Why (PHP)
17: So Wrong, So Right (PHP)
18: Fair and Foul (PHP)
19: Morning Afters and Ever Afters (PHP)
20: Changing a Not So Pretty Life (PHP)


Logan Echolls is a broken man reaching out for a savior. Aino Minako is a woman who wants to know what it feels like to save someone again. Their meeting was inevitable, their connection undeniable, and everything else a step on the path towards redemption.

Author's Comments:

I'm labeling this an alternate reality since this works in absolutely no cohesive time line you could come up with. Unless we wanted Minako to be like thirty, which we don't.

Anyway, this is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Veronica Mars that I wrote for the Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. Most of it was written in the month of May, but it wound up carrying over into June and, as you can see, July. Here is a list of all of the parts as they match up with their theme.

01: Bar Scene - Day One: Turning

02: Russian Roulette - Day Two: Bullet

03: All Fall Down - Day Three: Mental Breakdown

04: Not Soon Enough - Day Four: '80's Cartoons

05: Ever Slowly Dying - Day Five: Illness

06: Without Healing - Day Six: Fire

07: Heroine Addict - Day Seven: Group Project

08: The Difference - Day Eight: French

09: Poor Little Rich Boy - Day Nine: Royalty

10: Inner Dialogue for a Dying Man - Day Ten: "One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one." -- Agatha Christie

11: Catch My Fall - Day Eleven: Suicide

12: Undeserving - Day Fourteen: Waste

13: Frenetic Copulation - Day Fifteen: Savior

14: Maybe It's Like Brigadoon - Day Seventeen: Broadway

15: Because It's Real - Day Eighteen: Hallucination

16: Remembering When and Why - Day Twenty: Memories

17: So Wrong, So Right - Day Twenty-Three: "The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story." -- Emil Ludwig

18: Fair and Foul - Day Twenty-Five: Vulgarity

19: Morning Afters and Ever Afters - Day Twenty-Six: Caffeine.

20: Changing a Not So Pretty Life - Day Twenty-Seven: "Pretty Life" by Jakalope

Thanks to Starsea for letting me borrow something!

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