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Fandom:Crossover (Fruits Basket - Sailormoon)
Rating:PG13 Created:2009-11-21
Genre:General Updated:2009-11-21
Style:General Status:Incomplete

Prologue (PHP)


After the Stars season, everything seems to be going great. Usagi and her friends are having the best time at Juban Gakuen. Mamoru decided not to return to America and to finish his studies at home, not wishing to leave Usagi again. Post Episode 26: Everything seems to be going well for the Sohma family as well. For the moment, Akito is not attempting to have Tohru thrown out of Shigure's home and has appeared to have accepted her to some extent. Tohru, Yuki and Kyo are growing closer together. However, when a new foe appears, the two clans come together to try and stop them.

Author's Comments:

This is Canon-based off the anime. I do not own either of these animes or any of the characters that you recognize. I do own the Western Zodiac clan including Princess Ophiuchus.

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