Vignette Collection: Bloody Tricks by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Crossover Rating:PG13
Created:2006-02-16 Modified:2006-02-16
Summary:Spike/Bellatrix - Harry Potter and Buffy Crossover
Bloody Tricks

Spike is drunk because at least he has an excuse to be pathetic when heís intoxicated. Then no one can blame him for wallowing and sighing her name, screaming occasionally and snapping an innocent bystander's neck to make himself feel better.

One night, a dark woman who smells of blood and lies walks by. She looks a bit like Dru, smells like her. But she isnít Dru.

He still follows after, lets her push him against dirty walls, lets her do whatever she pleases. He revels in the pain and how it tricks him into breathing, making him feel alive.

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