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Rating:PG Created:2007-04-12
Genre:Drama Updated:2007-04-12
Style:General Status:Complete

One Last Favour (PHP)


Endymion has one last thing to do before he leaves for the moon.

Author's Comments:

Written for the December 2nd theme "Running Away" at sm_monthly. Winner of "Best Angst" for December 2006 and "Best Angst" for 2006.

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Review by ruminant 2007-04-22

You weren't kidding about the angst!

Kunzite's loyalty to the others is amazing. The favortism is very real. Of course Endymion has a favorite.

I like that you included the abondonment they felt when Endymion "left them behind" by falling in love with Serenity. It had to have been a contributing factor to their betrayal.

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