General Library: Navigating by superkate

Fandom:CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Rating:R Created:2006-01-23
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-05-05
Style:General Status:Incomplete

Navigating: Secrets (PHP)
Navigating: Saturday (PHP)
Navigating: Tradegy (PHP)
Navigating: Texas (PHP)
Navigating: Lies (PHP)
Navigating: Meddling (PHP)
Navigating: Lisa (PHP)


In his time with Bobby Dawson, Nick learns to navigate his way through many trials and tribulations.

Author's Comments:

Slightly AU (but leaning towards canon), the story of Nick and Bobby getting together and working through the issues that pop up.

Partially based off an unaired scene with Bobby that states he has a male partner and a daughter. Despite the fact the scene has never aired, it's been worked into the canon of this story.

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