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Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:PG Created:2008-09-22
Genre:Angst Updated:2008-09-22
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

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He had been little more than a boy when his mother had died. At a loss for how to comfort the grieving child he barely knew, and seeking perhaps the familiar routines of his own childhood in solace, his father had taken him to church. Severus, however, had found no comfort in the austere, hallowed stone of the chapel, but he found something in the warm candlelight of the offerings to the souls of the departed. If it was not exactly comfort, at least it was more than emptiness. Religion had never permeated his soul, but the candlelight had.

Christmas Eve brings candles, guilt and memories for Severus Snape.

Author's Comments:

This story started life as a humble drabble for a festive challenge, with the prompt of a picture of a candle. The drabble just wouldn’t leave me be though once I’d written it.

Thanks go to Snape’s Talon and thegirlikeme for beta-ing.

The dialogue in Charity’s death scene is from ‘The Dark Lord Ascending’ in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the dialogue in Dumbledore’s death scene is from ‘The Lightening Struck Tower’ in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

All recognisable characters and locations are the property of J K Rowling; I'm just playing in her world.

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