General Library: Never Once Imagined by Hermoine Jean Granger

Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:G Created:2008-11-18
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-11-18
Style:General Status:Complete

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What's so remarkable about Love at first sight?

Viktor had never known, until she came along. Henceforth, every breath that escaped his lips were for her, and her alone.

Could he face her, eye to eye? Even the greatest of wizards crumble to pieces when faced by the overpowering force of love, and he was no exception. The challenge was tougher than catching the Golden Snitch or stealing a Chinese Fireball\'s egg.

Will he succeed, or crumble into pieces like so many others?

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Review by DarkAngel 2008-12-05

Hey this is nice for someone who can't write romance and likes dark/angst! You did good! You were worrying about it for no reason!

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