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Rating:PG Created:2006-10-21
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-10-30
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

Nanosecond (PHP)


[PGSM] My two halves merge, causing me to revert to the form that I was born into in this lifetime. I am Tsukino Usagi once more. Not a princess, not a senshi, just a normal girl. A normal girl hugging her normal the middle of a warzone.

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**AUTHORíS NOTE: SPOILER WARNING!!** Do not read if you havenít watched PGSM Act 36!!! Spoilers abound!**

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Review by Ashaela 2007-07-12

That was definitely one of the most touching episodes in the liveaction for me. I really like your treatment of it! There was a spot in the beginning that kind of broke the flow for me, but the rest was great - especially the moment when she's trying so hard not to realize what's going on with Mamoru.

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