Vignette Collection: Naughty Taiki by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2006-06-29 Modified:2006-06-29
Summary:A bored Taiki is a perverted Taiki.
Naughty Taiki

Taiki accidentally found himself on the internet one day. Seiya was off with Usagi, and he didn't actually know where Yaten was, but Taiki knew (and was glad that) he wasn't at the apartment. Finding every book in the house was read, he went to the internet.

He googled himself out of boredom and found some very interesting literature. It involved him and some female anime character he’d never heard of. It used words like “gyrating” and “suckled” and “orgasm” and was really very entertaining. Perhaps it was too entertaining.

“Oh, my,” he muttered as his nose began to bleed.

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