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Rating:PG13 Created:2012-07-02
Genre:Comedy Updated:2012-07-11
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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Determined to settle the conflict in her heart, Sailor Moon breaks an unspoken rule. Set in the Dark Kingdom arc.

Author's Comments:

This is a one-shot that I wrote long ago under another account on a different site before real life pulled me away from writing and then I totally forgot the name and password for my old account. I've gone back and made some edits to the original, since the way I write has changed since then.

The ages of the characters have been adjusted from what they were in the original anime/manga since Usagiís thought process in the story doesnít quite fit that of a 14-year old girl in junior high. Since the story has such a delicious open ending, Iím considering the possibilities of a sequel one day.

Also the final thought is a reference to a Japanese superstition that if you sneeze, then someone must be talking to you although our beloved Mamo-chan believes his sneeze to be caused by a possible cold and not a vengeful Usagi-chan.

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