Vignette Collection: Night Watch by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-09-23 Modified:2008-09-23
Summary:Two Death Eaters on watch during that fateful Halloween night.
Night Watch

“Look at them,” he sneered. “Children parading around, dressed up in these…costumes,” his tone changed from loathing to disgust. “They make a mockery of us by running around pretending to be something that they aren’t,” he continued as he points to the various children dressed as ghost, vampires, and werewolves. “They just don’t realize how close they are to becoming what they fear the most.” His smile revealed the remnants of blood and flesh between his teeth.

“Control yourself, Greyback,” came a cool voice from the hooded figure. “We’re here to keep watch, not to have supper.” They stood quietly at the corner, watching the darkness as children merrily skipped by.

“What are we doing here anyways, Lucius?” asked the monster.

“It is not our place to question,” he replied irritably, feeling put off from the stench from his breath. “He said for us to be at this spot.”

A few children looked in their direction as the beast’s stomach began to growl. They couldn’t see the cloaked figures that were magically concealed by the night. One child was so close to the werewolf that he ran off screaming when he heard Greyback’s stomach growl again. A slight sigh of disappoint escaped him as he could almost savor the sweet meat within his jaws. Malfoy looked sicken by his companion’s bloodlust. “What? I’m hungry!” he moaned to Malfoy. “We’ve been here since that meeting with that rat. And all we’ve been doing is just standing here while this feast walks by.”

Malfoy continued watching while shaking his head in disgust. He cursed his own stomach for grumbling, yet kept his discomfort to himself. He didn’t want to stoop to his level and whine about his own hunger. As much as he would like to be at home, eating rump roast and drinking mulled wine, he knew this was important.

If he asked him to be here then it had to be important.

The night dwindled on as it started to move into the late hours of the evening. Greyback started to whimper as his dining options started to grow less. But fate offered a little hope as a girl came skipping by wearing a red hood. Greyback laughed at the irony. “Look at this!” he pointed to Malfoy. He showed him the chubby girl with brown curly locks, wearing a red dress and the classic red hood. “It’s like fate is giving me a sign!”

“You can’t be serious,” he said in mock disbelief.

“Ah, just look at her,” Greyback pointed to the girl then to himself. “It was meant to happen! Old Cassandra Trelawney couldn’t have predicted it better. And look! She comes bearing gifts!” he pointed to the basket that the girl was carrying.

Before Malfoy could protest, and before Greyback could pounce on his meal, a loud crack came from the night. The Dark Lord stepped from the darkness. Both men kneeled before their Master.

“I have some business here at Godric’s Hollow.”

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