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Rating:PG Created:2006-02-18
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-02-18
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The Inner Senshi encounter a very quiet but poignant homecoming, as they discover that a long-forgotten legacy of their past lives is the answer to an old riddle that has plagued astronomers for centuries regarding the enigmatic "moon" of Venus.

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Review by bin82501 2011-10-30

Review by Bella*Luna 2006-10-25

This is the first story that I have read by you. I am....quite impressed. It is difficult to find people with a real talent for the written word. People with real ideas and real thoughts, instead of the same plot line, strung out, over and over again.

This story took thought and research and creativity and I loved it.
Review by Dejana Talis 2006-06-17

I scanned this a while ago when I saw it recommended, but I only just now read it properly. This is one of the most sensitive and creative stories I've ever read, which is impressive given its brevity and rather obvious subject matter. Really, it is amazing that no one else has thought of this, and I'm glad the one to do it was you. The story is handled with logic and grace, and the ending even left me a little choked up. A beautiful piece, and a perfect logos-ethos-pathos balance if I've ever s... (more)

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