Vignette Collection: Only You by mrsmcclnt

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-06 Modified:2008-10-06
Summary:A continuation from Something In Common (Snape/Sprout)
Only You

“Am I disturbing you?”

Pomona Sprout peeked over her book, trying not to act like some silly schoolgirl crushing over a boy. “No.” She motioned for him to sit.

“Interesting book you’re reading,” he said with a cool expression.

“Oh, this?” She put the book aside nonchalantly. “I was looking into doing some extra credit for herbology class.” She smiled nervously as she tried to keep her true intentions hidden. She noticed how he stared at her, as if he were trying to ascertain the truth.

But then Pomona noticed Lily whispering from behind him, “Get on with it!” Lily’s eyes were wide as they darted from her to Snape, trying to make Pomona keep the conversation going.

“Oh! So what brings you by?” Pomona asked

Snape took a moment to consider his words. He then leaned forward slightly as he spoke to her. “The upcoming assignment will require the class to partner up.”

“Oh. Well I’m sure someone from your house will greatly benefit with you at his or her side,” she stammered out.

Snape took a few moments, again, before speaking. “This is true. But under the circumstances, I prefer someone with a little more knowledge in order for me to pass this task.”

His eyes stayed firmly on her after he finished his sentence. Her face began to blush as she felt the intensity from him. “Oh. So…who did you have in mind?” .

Her mind spun in circles as her gaze locked onto his.

“You, Pomona.” His voice sounded husky as he started to move closer. “It has always been you!” His hand cupped her cheek as his finger traced around her lips. “You’ve always understood me. You, whose knowledge can rival my own! You, Pomona…and only you!”

He had leaned so close that she felt herself fall into his kiss. “Yes, Severus,” she whispered. Her eyes were closed to savor the sweet moment her heart had waited for.

“So it’s agreed then?” She looked around, feeling startled by the moment. Snape still had his cool expression on his face as he sat back in his chair.

“Agreed?” She said as she felt herself land roughly into reality.

“You will be my partner for potions class?” He asked.

“Sure, of course. Anything to pass the assignment.” Snape nodded then left from her table.

Lily immediately moved in and planted herself next to her friend. “You see that! He doesn’t even need a partner - smart as he is! He could have gone to anyone else! But he came to you, Pomona!” Lily pinched her friend on her shoulder as she giggled with excitement.

“I suppose you’re right, Lily.” Pomona tried to sound hopeful, as she smiled back to her. But deep down she remained guarded since she knows what’s it’s like to be heartbroken.

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