Poetry Corner: On the outside by yin_kita

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2008-12-15 Modified:2008-12-15
Summary:Just a poem I have a ton
On the outside

On the outside you see a calm collected woman
On the inside a storm is raging wild
On the outside she smiles and greets you kindly
On the inside she is falling apart

There is only so much that she can do
Yet hiding is all she knows how to do

Like a ripple in the water she is one of over a million
Little do they know her story is ever changing
The once wild little girl has given way to a calm reserved woman

A woman who knows pain and suffering
A woman who has lived through more than you could imagine
And this woman will bear all her burdens alone
For what she foresees is what nobody else could ever guess

-Kira Phillips

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