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Added 2006-08-11


It's Sailor Mercury from the Mixx cover of volume SuperS 2. She has a harp. She's on a road dot.

Artist's Comments:

Surprisingly quick work for me, but I really do like the way her hair turned out. The arm/elbow/glove area was a pain due to the gouge in the canvas (that weird line running through). That, and ridiculously small detail and a lack of small-detail brushes.

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Critique by Bella*Luna 2006-10-12

I like her. She is very evenly painted. Her hair is awesome on the right side, very pretty, drawn in a natural way. The left side looks a little off. I would assume you're trying to get the whole floaty-water look (like Ariel in The Little Mermaid) but it looks like there is too much hair. It doesn't match the length portrayed by the right side.

The details are good. On the glove/elbow area, where you say you had the most trouble, it flows really well. Painted evenly...does... (more)

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