General Gallery: Sailormoon Lo-Fi (a series) by crazy_spork_i_am

Medium:digital, photoshop


Added 2006-01-09


Special sneak peek for .mooners! The beginnings of SM Lo-Fi!

Artist's Comments:

Something I started near the end of December while I was up spending vacation. I kinda wanted a small project to keep me occupied...but like all projects I do, they easily tend to get bigger rather than smaller. After completing Moon I had the itch to see if I can complete the rest of the Senshi. And maybe even evil baddies and secondary characters as well! Possibilities are endless, yo!

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Critique by Bella*Luna 2006-09-13

So adorable. I am in complete agreement with the first critique. I love how you've made Sailormoon you're own character by creating her through your own style.
Critique by preshrunken 2006-04-16

That's a such a great picture. I love how you've incorporated your distingushing techniques and made your own rendition of Sailor Moon (O.o if that makes sense). I can't wait to see the rest of the senshi!

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