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Rating:G Created:2009-06-26
Genre:General Updated:2009-11-13
Style:Character Study Status:Incomplete

The Beginning (PHP)
First Sight (PHP)
Revelation (PHP)
Face Off (PHP)
Shin (Part One) (PHP)
Shin (Part Two) (PHP)
Bloom (PHP)
Hina and Usagi (PHP)
Bliss and Agony (PHP)
The Truth Is Out (PHP)
Crossroad (PHP)
Princess (PHP)
Turning Point (PHP)
Prince in London (PHP)
Return (PHP)
Happily Ever After? (PHP)
Princess Power (PHP)
Dark Kingdom (PHP)
Against All Odds (PHP)
Portrait of Death (PHP)
Last Redemption (PHP)
Sacrifice (PHP)
Day of Destiny I (PHP)
Day of Destiny II (PHP)
Two of Us (PHP)


This is the PGSM Live Action, retold from Mamoruís point of view. It is mostly centred on his romance with Usagi, though there will be the other aspects as well. Read and enjoy! =)

Author's Comments:

Just something I thought about writing for some time, since I didn't really find a story about Chiba Mamoru in PGSM fanfiction. Hope that you enjoy it. =)

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Review by RThomas11901 2009-11-15

The ending came out very nicely and tied the whole story together. Great job! Can't wait to see your next story :)
Review by mainelyme2007 2009-10-12

Ah! The last two chapters were awesome!! Keep it up, I can't wait to read next weeks!!
Review by RThomas11901 2009-09-29

Still a great read, you're doing a great job!

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