Prince in White - A Mamoru Story by Aph

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The scenes from this chapter are taken from Episodes 25-26 of the PGSM Live Action.

Chapter 12 – PRINCESS

I do not remember much of where I was after I had died. The memory of it is murky now. I can only recall that I seemed to be in a sort of dark passageway, when suddenly a light had glowed so brightly that I was not able to open my eyes. When I was finally able to open them, I had been revived by the Ginzuishou. The Princess' Ginzuishou. Usagi's Ginzuishou.

The revelation of Usagi as a princess had been a shock, but yet it wasn't. I think somehow I had known it at the back of my mind, a forgotten memory. Something I had acknowledged subconsciously but did not want to recognize.

My dreams and the image of Usagi in front of me had merged into one. Usagi had been the princess in my dreams. The one pleading for me to bring her the Ginzuishou. I had stared at her as if in a daze. Perhaps I had been. It had been difficult to believe that I was not still in my dream with Usagi in front of me, in a white gown and looking so ethereally beautiful.

"Princess Serenity." Venus had whispered.

Something had clicked in my mind. I knew that name. Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.
Usagi and I from a previous life.

The Moon Kingdom and the Earth Kingdom.

Bits and pieces of memory flickered through my brain, but they slipped away before I could get a good grasp on them. I tried to focus but a blinding pain had pounded through my head and a wave of nausea swept over me.

Then, darkness had overwhelmed me again.


When I next woke, I had been in a hospital. I had been sent there together with the other victims of the youma, who had not been near enough to receive Usagi's healing blast of power. I had probably been too drained of strength even after the healing by Usagi. After all, I had died.

It had not been something I wanted to think too deeply about. I was to be discharged that same day though, so it had not been anything too serious.

I had been pondering over the revelation of the day before when Zoisite appeared again. If I had not known better, I would have thought that man to be a stalker...

"She is the Princess, Master. This connection comes from your previous life. However, your bond with the Princess is of a sinister omen. If you break if off, then perhaps tragedy..."

Before he had been able to finish his sentence, Hina had interrupted. He shimmered out.

Hina had fully recovered from the attack. But her expression had been guarded and careful when I saw her, even though she tried to seem cheerful, as if nothing had happened. As if I had not destroyed her world as she knew it.

I had hurt her and no matter what I remembered about Usagi and I, our past lives, my responsibility had been to Hina. I would do whatever it was to mend our relationship. We were to leave for London the next day. As I looked at the air ticket she passed to me, I had resolved to use the next four years in London to make it up to her. And to forget Usagi.

The damage had been done though and the injury too raw for Hina to be happy in my presence. As the awkwardness stretched, she had became more and more uncomfortable before she left abruptly.

I had slumped back to bed and my mind once again wandered to Zoisite’s words.

Bond with the Princess. Previous life. Sinister omen.

I had a feeling that it had something to do with what Kunzite had said. Destroying of the planet. But how could love between the princess and myself in a previous life destroy a planet? For that was what it had been. I had not remembered much from that life, but I had been sure that the princess and I had been in love.

Usagi and I in love in the distant past. And in love again in this life.

And both times, it had seemed, were doomed to fail.

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