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Rating:R Created:2008-01-24
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-11-10
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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In a twist of time and fate, the Senshi find themselves enslaved to Metallia while the Shitennou were reborn to fight alongside of Endymion. Not everyone is who they appear to be, or fighting for what they claim but they are all seeking the Silver Crystal

Author's Comments:

This story is finally completed! All feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

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Review by Chmia 2010-01-31

Wow, I have to say this was a pretty amazing story. At first, I just loved the alternative plotline with the sailor senshi being under Metallia's control, but the plot twist that slowly developed in the end made this story so much more than an "alternative universe."
Review by LovelyLytton 2009-02-10

I just read the whole story in one go and I really like how you've implemented the flashbacks. Their love story in the face of all this twisting loyalties is touching, and I love how they even attempt to be together when they're not allowed to.

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