Vignette Collection: Lonely, Immortal Star by Araya

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2008-03-17 Modified:2008-03-17
Summary:There would be no more evil, no more wars, and no more lonely, immortal stars.
Lonely, Immortal Star

Here, where all the universe is born, there is no hope. Only past, present, and future. The evil that terminated the past, the evil that tortures the present, and the evil that will consume the future. It is a battle of light versus dark. A cycle that never ends. The Universe is a dark and desolate place and it is only she who has the power to restore it to its former light.

But Sailor Cosmos is tired of battling Chaos, of being the world’s savior. She misses her friends, her daughter, and her one true love. She is alone and she shudders at the thought. What does she have if she doesn’t have love?

She curses her former self for being so naive. Eternal Sailor Moon was always too full of hope and light and Cosmos almost spits at the thought. [i]She[/i] had friends. [i]She[/i] had a future to hope for. Eternal Sailor Moon wasn’t stuck in this wasteland. Sailor Cosmos should have destroyed this damn cauldron when she had the opportunity. To end it all.

Yes, there was still one last hope. One last chance to destroy Chaos once and for all. She would return to the past and convince Eternal Sailor Moon to destroy the cauldron. There would be no more evil, no more wars, and no more lonely, immortal stars.

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Review by Loki 2008-04-15

Pandora, the necessary component for hope, for out of desperation is action, and subsequently, action brings change where none were considered possible -- ... (more)

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