Poetry Corner: Apocalypse by AngelMoon Girl

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2009-12-02 Modified:2009-12-02
Summary:"The apocalypse they prophesied has come marching down the drive..."

Hide in the shadows
Deadbolt the door
Cover your face
And pray for no more

This nightmare’s unyielding
You cannot awake
More than your future
Will be left at stake

Heart moving fervor
And lofty ideals
Cannot save you
From the cacophonous peals

The apocalypse they prophesied
Has come marching down the drive
It’s all you can do
To fight to survive

Yet hope is a bird
A phoenix; a rock
If love can still conquer
Then hope is more than simply talk

So wipe away the crimson
Ignore the appendages’ flag
Ready your spirit
And release it from the bag

Now or never, friends
For it’s the beginning of the end
Whom shall you rely on
When society decides to bend?

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