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Rating:PG Created:2009-10-03
Genre:Romance Updated:2009-10-03
Style:General Status:Complete

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Usagi comes down with a fever just before her and Mamoru's first date since Galaxia's defeat. The concerned Senshi attempt to knock some sense into their ill Moon Princess, but she stubbornly intends to suffer through the evening with a smile. Fate has other plans. UM.

Author's Comments:

While I'm certainly no newbie to Sailor Moon fanfiction, this will be my first submitted story to Dotmoon. Hopefully all goes smoothly, and I greatly appreciate feedback! *Nudge nudge* Sooo, that said, enjoy the one shot and please drop me a line! If this fic has you interested, look me up on, home to the majority of my stories and where, at the moment, I've achieved the most notoriety. Thanks! ;-D

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Review by bin82501 2011-10-27

Big fan of your work and this story.
Review by Loki 2009-10-07

Welcome to dot!

You have a beautiful vocabulary , and your characterization is superb. You have WAF down pat and the flow was good.

a couple of knit-picky things, the use of 'dark head, and the like was a little odd, please revisit that, but aside from that, the following article you might find fascinating and eye-opening as have I:

Great start and all the best with future w... (more)

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