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Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:PG13 Created:2010-03-13
Genre:General Updated:2010-03-13
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Chapter 1 (PHP)


Harry's sixth year is tormented by Voldemort's decision that his time is up. Bleeding scars, a new DADA teacher, Occlumency with Dumbledore, Snape's loss of spy status due to a rescue gone wrong, and the prophecy are just a few of the trials in store...

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Author's Comments:

Currently titled "It Ends Now" over at (I haven't the heart to change it there), this sixth year epic began way back in '05, when I was still a newbie to writing. It was my first story-length fanfic ever, and as such, is full of cliches and cringe-worthy dialogue abound. While I've gone back and edited, the story truly needs a face-lift if it is to meet the standards I hold myself to now. Unfortunately, "It Ends Now" is bordering on forty chapters, so I just haven't the time nor the energy for anything significant. My point is this: some of you will hate it, and others will dub it the bee's knees (as many on do... but c'mon. This is ** we are talking about). So, if you're ready to stomach a whole lot of angst, action, and drama that's been five years in the making... enjoy! ^^

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