Vignette Collection: Woes of Motherhood by Araya

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2006-09-22 Modified:2006-09-26
Summary:Luna reflects upon becoming a mother.
Woes of Motherhood

Dusk gave way to night, the sun fallen
to rest beneath the horizon. A thick
silvery mist blanketed the stars, yet the
moon shone as bright and full as ever.
The crickets came out to sing their nightly
symphony and a lone woman sat amongst
it all, a trembling hand laying upon her
abdomen. Her hair was as dark as the night
sky, falling in waves down her back. While
her eyes, though tired and weary, were as
deep and mysterious as the oceans. A
troubled sigh escaped her thin pink lips,
her stomach clenching in anxiety.

She hadn't a full nights rest in days, perhaps
weeks. How much longer must she face the
woes of life? Love was a fragile and beautiful
thing. Yet, like everything in this world, it had its
consequences and she was not sure she was
ready to face them. It wasn't that she wasn't
responsible enough or even that she did not
welcome this gift from the gods. It was more of
a fear, a fear that she would not succeed.

She found herself asking, just what kind of
mother would she be? Could she live up to the
expectations of her child? Children were full of
life, full of innocence. Could she preserve that
in a world so full of darkness? No society, not
even Crystal Tokyo was perfect, and this alone
frightened her. Could she protect her child from
the evils of mankind? No, she could not. She
would not. Life was full of lessons and no one,
not even an innocent child, could escape them.
She feared for the life growing within her.
She feared for his place in society; she feared
for his place in her home. While she and her
husband were full of love and devotion, they
were inexperienced in raising a child. They were
guardians, advisors, not parents. Their sole duty
was to their queen. This alone seemed to leave
little room for a baby. Where would she find the
time? She too had her own life to live. Would her
child grow up feeling neglected? Were her other
responsibilities more important than that of
another life? Of the life of her child?

Yet, what of herself? Was she fit to become
a mother? Did she have the power to nurture
and praise but remain firm and discipline?
Could she possibly balance lullabies and
laughter as well attendants and meetings?
Was she strong enough to support her child
through the woes of life? Could she stand back
and watch him make the same mistakes she ill
advised? Could she physically, emotionally,
handle that? Nevertheless, wasn't motherhood
supposed to complete you as a woman?

Wasn't it a true gift from the gods? A power
only bestowed upon women? At this, she felt a
small smile cross her face. Faith and trust were
given to women, was given to her. Was this her
destiny? To become a mother? Was it possible
that she only had to hold belief that this were
true? Her heart fluttered within her chest. Was
she worrying for nothing? She didn't know and
quite possibly, she would never find out. For now,
she could only predict what would become of the
future; what would become of her child. Yet faith
in herself and trust within her child could never fail
her. What would happen if things did not fall into
place correctly? Well, she would figure it out when
the time came.

In the end, all would work out, just as the gods
had planned it so.

Thanks so much to Jessica Pendragon and Shel*B.
I couldn't have done this with out you.

Also, I don't own Sailor Moon. :-P It's unfortunate.

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Review by Loki 2008-04-15

I can imagine that all mothers feel this way while carrying a new life and it would be special for Luna as well, a very real and moving POV of lovely Luna,... (more)
Review by Bella*Luna 2006-09-26

My favorite thing about this story is the fact that, while it is in the third person, as I'm reading it feel like I am Luna, sitting there second guessing ... (more)

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