Poetry Corner: The Listen Poesy: Sounds of Surf and Storm by AngelMoon Girl

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2009-12-02 Modified:2009-12-02
Summary:Poetic glimpse through the eyes of an onlooker at the effect a tempest has on the ocean. Set at midnight by the seaside.
The Listen Poesy: Sounds of Surf and Storm

Listen to the sound of the surf
Pounding and growling and frothing
Against the gleaming silver sand
The sand that creeps its way into the crevices between my toes

Listen to the waves out in the distance
Furling and falling and burgeoning once more
Can’t you hear them
Faintly crafting their towering crests?

Spurred by an approaching tempest
The wind comes to life
Stirring the ocean into madness
Madness, madness, and an inexorable rage

As high above, the moon plays peek-a-boo
Alternately appearing and disappearing
As lazy gray clouds drift across its pale, lunar countenance
Obliviating all luminance for an instant’s breath

Now listen, listen
Hear the footfalls of the fleeing onlooker
Hear the squalls of the gulls with wind whispering on their wings
Hear the humming electricity, as the first crackle

Sends midnight flaring into day
Sends the sea into turmoil
Sends thunder in its wake
Sends adrenaline pulsing through my rushing veins

The smell of salt and rain amalgamating
The taste of fresh moisture on my tongue
The heart palpitating elation
And the promise of a thrilling storm to dance on the surface

Of the ocean.

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