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Rating:PG13 Created:2009-05-07
Genre:Dark Updated:2009-08-09
Style:Character Study Status:Incomplete

Figure It Out (PHP)
Makes Me Wonder (PHP)
Not Coming Home (PHP)
Harder to Breathe (PHP)
Losing My Mind (PHP)
Wake Up Call (PHP)
Goodnight Goodnight (PHP)
Better That We Break (PHP)
If I Never See Your Face Again (PHP)


Adonis told Minako her love fortune was that her duty would always be her love and that she will be loveless for eternity. His story verses history.

Author's Comments:

This is based on the manga Sailor V where Adonis/Danburite claims that Venus will never have true love, that her true love will be her duty. What if his prophecy was wrong and his memories of the Silver Millennium weren't exactly as he remembered?

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Review by Loki 2009-05-16

Right from the start I knew this was gold. I find writers such as yourself are those like others I have read and praised, are the lifeblood of the fandom and I encourage you to keep amazing us with your gift.

Minako/Venus was beautifully portrayed, Adonis-Damburite and their chemistry, you conveyed in the first stanza was convincing and the setting supported this as had the dialogue.

Excellent word usage, and vocab, I think there is a lot of great showing, ... (more)

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