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Rating:R Created:2009-11-17
Genre:Romance Updated:2011-08-30
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

An Unlikely Partnership (PHP)
Minako’s Rules to Matchmaking (PHP)
Not Quite Armageddon (PHP)
Ironic Introductions (PHP)
Monikers and Murderers (PHP)
Terror Times Four (PHP)
Once Upon a Time (PHP)
All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies (PHP)
Lights Out, Shadows About (PHP)
Impractical Jokes (PHP)
High Stakes (PHP)
Tick Tock (PHP)
Angels and Men (PHP)
Cradle to the Grave (PHP)
A Twisted Impasse (PHP)


First season. Usagi and Mamoru unknowingly agree to babysit the same child, but the night holds more than they bargained for when four nosy, well-meaning, boisterous girls intent on playing matchmaker, practical jokes, strip poker, and a serial killer become involved.

Author's Comments:

A note about where this fic falls in the timeline: imagine a gap between episode 33 (Venus' arrival) and 34 (Starlight Tower and the revelation of Usagi as Princess)... that's where this tale falls. It's rather AU in the fact that Rei never dated Mamoru; she crushed on him at first but has come to agree with the other Senshi that Usagi and Mamoru would make the perfect couple if they just. stopped. fighting. ;P So... that's about all you need to know. Onward, I say! ^^

DISCLAIMER FOR ALL CHAPTERS: I do not own Sailor Moon. That right belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation.

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