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Rating:R Created:2011-12-23
Genre:Angst Updated:2012-07-04
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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Temptress, Tempest, and Trigger (PHP)
Jumping the Gun (PHP)
Spirit of a Fighter, Part 1 (PHP)


It's frightening, how easy it is to let happily ever after fall to the wayside, until there are only remnants of a once beautiful relationship left.

Despite what destiny promised Usagi and Mamoru, the trials and unforeseen costs of domestic life soon prove to be too much for the young couple. One particularly violent night, a wounded Usagi flees the abusive situation with their three-year-old daughter. An attempted hitchhike brings Seiya to her aid, but can she ever learn to trust in the power of love again?

Author's Comments:

As most of you know, I'm a diehard Usagi/Mamoru fan. I don't actually ship Usagi/Seiya, but as a writer I like to experiment; to step out of my comfort zone once in a while. Getting into a character's head; discerning their motivations, desires, and fears- it helps me to improve. That said, this is not a pleasant story. Domestic abuse is no light matter. It can scar people for the rest of their lives, something you will see me explore with Usagi's character throughout the story.

I will also warn everyone right now, Mamoru is severely OOC.

I'm pretty nervous about posting this here. On, I have gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Therefore, I don't expect to get many readers, and I completely understand why. So don't feel bad if you start this and then realize it's just not up your alley.

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