Vignette Collection: Lust by Araya

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2007-03-20 Modified:2008-03-17
Summary:Endymion gazes at lust from afar

Her eyes were scarlet, like the setting sun, on a warm summerís eve.

Though her back was currently turned away from him, that was what Endymion remembered most about her. He reflected upon how sad they always appeared to be, how they longed to fight beside her fellow soldiers, and how they were denied. He recalled upon the first time he saw her, unable to tear his eyes away from her as they passed through the Time Gate. He found a sort of companionship with her that fateful day, a deeper understanding than even his soul mate could not relate to.

Usagi had never mentioned her, had never observed the loneliness that echoed so deep within those pools of crimson. He wondered how for all her kindness, she so blatantly refused to see the cries for freedom. Endymion hated it. For all the love he shared with his Usako, he hated her ignorance.

The woman that stood so firm before her queen knew nothing of companionship. She ignored her own wants and needs, instead focusing upon those of a queen. A queen whose unawareness cost her greatly. For that, he envied her all the more.

Endymion wanted to run to her, to scoop her into his arms, and kiss her with the passion of understanding. He wanted to fulfill her needs, bond with her in ways no one else could possibly grasp, and make true, honest, love to her.

And that was when the king realized his curse. He was bound forever in a relationship that his past self had forged, unknowing of what true companionship was.

Written for SM_Monthly's Feb theme "Curse" - Day 4

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Review by Loki 2008-04-15

Yes, I share similar responses to the last comment, and I must say, the imagery and power of his unspoken attraction, hits home, I really like this one too... (more)
Review by Bella*Luna 2007-03-28

Oh wow, that last sentence just brings it all home. So great.

Only a few mistakes but great job overall.

I love how you writ... (more)

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