General Library: Saving Bonds of Love by AngelMoon Girl

Rating:R Created:2010-04-05
Genre:Drama Updated:2014-02-22
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Dangerous Drivers and Whiny Odango (PHP)
Going *Beep*ing Mad (PHP)


Post-Stars. After a hilarious roadtrip involving nasty speeding tickets and awkward romantic mishaps, the girls and Mamoru are more than ready for their relaxing vacation at the ocean. Unfortunately, it seems peace never lasts long for the Sailor Senshi of the White Moon. A vengeful new enemy slips into their midst, carefully plotting a crusade against all Usagi holds most dear.

Pairings are canon, i.e. UsagixMamoru and HarukaxMichiru.

Author's Comments:

This is one of my older stories with a new face. I'm editing each chapter as I go from, where it has long since been completed.

The story starts off rather comedically, but as the plot progresses we tread into darker, more angsty material.

Early on especially, you will find that some characters are a little OOC. Please bear with me as it helps to enhance the humor.

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Review by Anonymous 2012-07-21

February 26, 2012 at 9:02 amThis topic confuses me a bit what is an undeited photo?Is cropping, resizeing or straightening (all photos here are resized) considered editing?Is the HDR (or some other filter) from the camera edited photo?I think that the
Review by bin82501 2010-04-11

Ah, I remember this story. Can't wait to see you make this story over. I'm excited!

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