General Library: The Perils of Being Tuxedo Kamen by Ashaela

Rating:G Created:2005-11-12
Genre:Comedy Updated:2005-11-13
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The Perils of Being Tuxedo Kamen (Text)


Mamoru really hasn't been having a good day. Between the doctors, the monsters, the fangirls and the lawyers, what's our favorite Cape Boy to do?

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Review by Bella*Luna 2006-10-25

That was adorable.

The thought of Mamoru having a snake is a good idea, but actually having a conversation with it to get his frustrations out, very amusing.

Great job.

I love the fangirls too! And the lawyer!
Review by Loki 2006-08-20

Oh I remember reading this fabulous story on AI, under your other name ^_^

I loved it then -- I love it now! This is a story that is full of funny moments, and the cute pet snake, Fluffy, I love that! Great work! *hands you a golden crystal and a rose and bows* L.
Review by Starsea 2006-07-09

This is one of my favourite comedy BSSM stories. Apart from the idea of calling a snake "Fluffy", what makes me laugh the most is the idea of Tuxedo Kamen groupies. It's all too plausible and you don't skimp on the gruesome details! Yet despite all the misfortunes of his day, Mamoru can't remain down when he hears Usagi's voice and her proposal, which is rather funny in itself. The last sentence is a perfect ending for this light, funny account of Mamoru's daily life.

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