Poetry Corner: Enemies? by Asharii Sinclair

Fandom:Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Rating:PG
Created:2008-11-16 Modified:2008-11-16
Summary:This is a tribute to AshuraXYasha

We had been at war for years
Fighting was the only way we knew
Those nights we stared each other down
At a complete standstill
My army behind me; waiting for command
Yours the same
Why do we fight?
You asked me that once
I ignored it at first
But it gnawed at my mind
Why were we fighting?
I stared at your eyes
Finding something in their obsidian depths
But what?
Our armies clashed; many died
We both retreated as the moon reached its zenith
After the wounded were attended
I found myself thinking of you
Restless, I ran for hours under the light of the moon
Stopping, I found you
Sitting at a lake’s edge staring into its depth
As if you could see something
I sat down beside you and looked into your eyes
Laying my head on your shoulder, we both stared at the water’s surface

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