Vignette Collection: A Little Bit Cynical by Araya

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2008-02-28 Modified:2008-02-28
Summary:After hundreds of years alone, perhaps she is just a little bit cynical.
A Little Bit Cynical

Sailor Pluto stared blankly as Saturn raised her glaive, putting an end to the only world she ever knew. She felt no remorse, however, for she had not been part of its glamour for hundreds of years. She would not miss the star lined sky or the blissful balls the queen had thrown dozens of times throughout her reign. No, where she was trapped, Pluto did not have such luxuries.

She would never fall in the arms of a handsome prince, gasping for breath from too much dancing, and her sight impaired from too much alcohol. She would never have children or reign over her people as her father told her and now; somehow, Pluto found it somewhat suiting, for neither would her princess or her guardians.

It wasnít that she rejoiced in the irony of it all, and she certainly didnít seek revenge; but perhaps, after spending hundreds of years alone, one tended to become a little bit cynical.

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Review by Loki 2008-04-15

I feel like reaching out for Pluto and hugging her, loving her and that is what a writer seeks to achieve, you definitely invoked that response in me and I... (more)

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