General Library: Hallows of a Past Life by AngelMoon Girl

Rating:PG Created:2009-11-23
Genre:Angst Updated:2009-11-23
Style:Character Study Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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  2009 Autumn Challenge Winner (Theme: Haunt)


What if, instead of being kidnapped, Darien died the night Serena was revealed as the Moon Princess? This one shot provides a glimpse fifteen years into the future, where a haunted and guilt-ridden Serena performs her yearly tradition of visiting Darien's grave. This time, her last, she decides to leave behind a memento to honor the sacrifice of the man she both loved and hated.

Author's Comments:

Won first place in the 2009 Autumn Contest for "Haunt". I want to thank all who voted. I'm pleasantly shocked and incredibly honored! ^^

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