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Rating:G Created:2009-10-21
Genre:General Updated:2010-04-04
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Sailor Mars and Neo-Queen Serenity discuss ten-year-old Chibiusa's progress, or lack thereof, in Senshi training. Mars thinks the girl isn't ready for her second debut in the past, but Serenity has faith in her daughter's abilities. One shot.

Author's Comments:

A glimpse into the pair's millenia-old friendship, showcasing Serenity's benevolent, blithe wisdom and Mars' biting comedic passion- "tough love", shall we say- for the female royals. Non slash, I'd like to mention. Please read and review!

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Review by 00idiot 2010-04-04

Excellent grammer, and writing-this is very well done. I love the way the characters are interacting. Please make companion pieces with the other Senshi, meeting Serenity and having fun conversations/antics.
Review by Loki 2009-10-26

A fascinating contrast of views in this great ficlet!

Knit pickies first: !? pairings, and the contraction, although some use it, this form, 'alright' is better written as all right grammar-wise, and one sentence needs a 'herself' inserted to complete it. Last little point, *secrete* it. this word is like squeezing a tube or as in 'a scent, or substance from the skin etc.


I just loved your dialogue, you managed to have Usagi (Neo Q S), b... (more)

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