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Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:PG Created:2009-10-21
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-10-21
Style:General Status:Complete

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Few things truly provoke Albus Dumbledore's rage like attempting to kill Harry Potter under the guise of a friend. From the perspective of our beloved Headmaster, watch as the events following the Third Task unfold, when Harry Potter came back to Hogwarts... Cedric Diggory's dead body in tow.

Author's Comments:

I've often wondered what happened beyond Harry's perspective on the night he returned, Cedric Diggory's dead body in tow. Most especially, how did his teachers- primarily Dumbledore- react? All we got was a blurred version from a barely conscious Harry, and I'm left wanting. Therefore, why not write it myself? I mean, I'm perfectly capable :-D Sooo, here's my creative take on the events that transpired after the Third Task, from Dumbledore's point of view. Perhaps a little more dramatic than it needs to be, but whatever. Author's license :-) Snape and McGonagall pop their heads in too, as you recall from the impostor Moody rescue. Enjoy the read, and drop me a line! Reviews help an author improve!

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Review by Loki 2009-10-26

I love reading Harry Potter fics. This one is an interesting insight into the behind the scenes and you did it justice.

Few knit pickings: some punctuation pairings and ly-adverbs, a bit too many. :) a little proofing to fix typos, but not too many.


I love your way with words, setting a scene and bringing the drama to the fore, you have it just right.

You have a great vocab, a couple of words were repeated, cosmetic.
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