Vignette Collection: Scorned by Araya

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2008-04-23 Modified:2008-04-25
Summary:Her lips were full and inviting. That is what he desired most about her.

Her lips were full and inviting. That is what he desired most about her.

He would slowly, teasingly, run his tongue over them and she would do everything in her power to stifle a moan. He would grin then, give her a small taste of what she wanted, pecking here, nibbling there. He would trace her face from jaw line to ear and whisper just exactly what he wanted to do to her.

Setsuna would finally give in and cry out, passion burning in her eyes.

It was all he could stand before taking her right there.

Firmly, Mamoru grasped the back of her head, and pressed his aching lips to hers. He kissed her with such fire, deepening it, and then finally letting his tongue dance with hers. She tasted like fine wine on a warm summer’s eve. It was intoxicating.

He only ever wanted more.

But more, he could never have.

They would cling to each other, lips craving unseen areas, and hands searching wildly. Mamoru would push his body firmly against hers, in control and demanding. It was becoming difficult to breathe, passion writhing and twisting between them, yet, neither of them were able to make the next move.

And then, when it was time to leave they broke apart, they’re hearts singing in harmony, like a scorned duet.

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