General Library: Caught Halfway by Ashlucard713

Rating:R Created:2006-10-18
Genre:Action Updated:2006-11-26
Style:General Status:Incomplete

Chapter 1 - Intro (PHP)
Chapter 2 - Tien (PHP)
Chapter 3 - Spoon Full of Sugar (PHP)


The Gung-Ho Guns are dead; Legato’s deeds fading into memory. But Knives still has secrets, responsibilities. And they’re all wrapped up in one young girl... Anime inspired, Manga spiced.

Author's Comments:

Four years in the writing, and it's finally ready!

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Review by Anonymous 2006-10-22

Vash WOULD have fuzzy dice in his car. That's so great. This intro leaves me with so many questions about Knives. Excellent start! Can't wait to see what happens!

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