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Rating:R Created:2008-09-09
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-09-09
Style:General Status:Complete

First Impressions (PHP)
Fireworks (PHP)
Questions (PHP)
Warped (PHP)
Me Watching You, Watching Me (PHP)
Chance Encounters (PHP)
Girls Night Out (PHP)
The Unmasking (PHP)
Daydreams (PHP)
Swordplay (PHP)
Confidence (PHP)
Sticky Situations (PHP)
Understanding (PHP)
Potential (PHP)
Trials (PHP)
Revelations (PHP)
Reprieve (PHP)
Fun and Games (PHP)
Moonlit Surprises (PHP)
Knight in Shining Armor (PHP)
Mine’s Bigger Than Yours (PHP)
Appearances (PHP)
Complications (PHP)
Decisions (PHP)
Complete (PHP)
Confessions (PHP)
The Beginning of the End (PHP)
Remorse (PHP)
We’re Almost to the End (PHP)


Compilation of interlinked short stories from the Silver Millennium written for sm monthly Jan. challenge. One-shots also fit in with my ongoing story "Dancing With Darkness". These stories include all the Senshi & Shitennou.

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Review by Cazza 2009-06-30

Oh! My heart twisted something chronic when it came to the final chapter. This story is beautiful, hilarious and of course, heartbreaking.
Its the perfect love story between Minako and Kunzite. It shows a side to her (Mina) that I've rarely seen, she's definately a force to be reckoned with. And I do love your take on the rest of the Senshi and Shitennou.
Priceless. Its just how I imagined them all to be when their around each other. So glad that you didn't leave them out!
T... (more)

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