Poetry Corner: A Tear by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:PG
Created:2009-02-09 Modified:2009-02-09
Summary:A poem written just after I lost my first patient as Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse.
A Tear

A tear falls down for the motherís loss,
Her little girl cold and gone.

A tear falls down for the little life lost,
Before it had even begin.

A tear falls down for the suffering she did,
Before her family knew to let go.

A tear falls down for my own heartache,
As I watch this child loose her life.

A tear falls down as I think of the things
She will never get to do:
To learn to walk, talk, and run.
To laugh, smile, and play.
To dance, and prance, and glide through life,
As only children want to do!

A tear falls down for the familyís loss:
A child to love and watch.
The joy of watching the little girl grow;
To see her discover this world,
The beauty, the colors, and sounds.

A tear falls down for what she could have brought to this world,
Each discovery she could have found.

A tear falls down for a mother, who now sits at home alone.
Her arms now empty and no warmth to be found,
No babe to cradle there.
Her own tears will be shed as she mourns her child,
No true comfort to be found.

A tear falls down, though I know tis best that this broken child now sleeps,
In Godís arms she rests and is at peace,
While we humans struggle with the loss.

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