General Library: A Bat, A Princess, and Toilet Paper by LadyAllen

Fandom:Other Fandom
Rating:PG Created:2013-07-08
Genre:Romance Updated:2013-09-16
Style:General Status:Complete

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Chapter 2 (PHP)
Chapter 3 (PHP)
Chapter 4 (PHP)
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A Justice League: Unlimited fanfic. Batman/WonderWoman. A janitorial crisis has Batman back at the watchtower where he is forced to confront his feelings for WonderWoman. As well as exercise his self-control and not kill or maim Flash.

Author's Comments:

My first fanfic ever. My only fanfic at the moment. It's up on but I recently found .moon and thought I'd put it up here since there aren't any other JLU fics. Hope everyone enjoys. ^_^

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