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Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:G Created:2008-10-09
Genre:Comedy Updated:2008-10-25
Style:General Status:Complete

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Although they were expecting him, upon his arrival at Ron and Hermione's, Arthur finds the place to be seemingly deserted.

Then his attention is caught by a certain noise which is closely followed by screams. As Arthur rushes into the room from where the commotion is coming from, he is brought up short by the sight before him.

Author's Comments:

I do not own, nor did I create, the world of Harry Potter and its inhabitants. They belong to JKR--she simply allows me to play with them.

I want to thank Spottedcat for the prompt that enabled me to write this fic. As well as SnapesTalon for beta'ing this story for me.

-squishes you both-

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Review by spottedcat83 2008-10-19

Arthur triumphs over the laundry monster!

This really is a cute story. Ya gotta love Arthur and his Muggle devices... and his response to Muggle devices!
Review by Anonymous 2008-10-14

How come I've never seen that before? It was so cute! I love stories like that - a day in the life. Of course Hermione would have a washer, and what a nice scene you've written with Arthur charging in to rescue her from it. Don't you wish you could Stun your washer some days? :) Very nicely done, dear!
~Gina :)

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