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Fandom:Fruits Basket
Rating:PG Created:2005-10-29
Genre:Drama Updated:2005-10-30
Style:General Status:Complete

According to Alice (PHP)


A story about brothers, about sisters, and about chasing white rabbits. Sometimes, the truth doesn't hurt, it only sets you free.

Author's Comments:

This is slightly angsty but not very much so, and it ends on a positive note. Spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode about Momiji's family, and who haven't even met him yet in the series/manga. This is nominally based on the manga, but it doesn't matter if you haven't read it, because it fits in with the anime too.

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Review by Violetcarson 2010-05-30

This is beautiful!!! It's a story that has needed to be written since Fruits Basket was first released, and Momiji was first introduced. You did so marvelously. It was very sweet and made me all fuzzy inside. XD
Review by aishuu 2006-12-08

Really a lovely piece - I love the Momoji/Momo relationship and the potential for healing it has for Momoji. I like how you paint Momo in this, especially the use of their German heritage.
Review by feifu 2006-01-22

I just love this. One of my favorite scenes in both the anime and manga is that one of Momiji's. Still brings me to tears every time I watch the anime. It would be nice if something like this story happens in the canon.

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