Vignette Collection: And Sand Becomes Glass by Tsuki Yuuki

Fandom:Naruto Rating:G
Created:2006-06-02 Modified:2006-06-02
Summary:A short scene between Gaara and Temari following their return to Sunagakure after the Chuunin exam. Drabble, 100 words. Written for the 20_inkspots community on Livejournal.
And Sand Becomes Glass

Disclaimer: I do not own in part or full any aspect of Naruto. This is the property of Kishimoto Masashi-sensei, his relevant partners and subsidiaries. I do own all original aspects of this fanfiction including but not limited to original characters and plot. This fanfiction has been published at no profit, purely for the enjoyment of the fans and the collective good of the series.

And Sand Becomes Glass

With time, heat, and pressure, coal becomes diamonds.

He'd learned that years ago, and remembered it after the Chuunin exam. He'd wondered if it was true, and had asked Temari. Still adjusting to him not being utterly vicious and homicidal, she'd looked at him strangely, then confirmed it was true.

Something so ugly and cheap turning into something so pretty and valuable was amazing.

Coal becomes diamonds. He wasn't coal, he'd told Temari.

No, she'd said, he wasn't. He was sand.

And sand? He'd asked. What about sand?

Coal becomes diamonds, she'd replied, and sand...

...Sand becomes glass.

Gaara smiled.


So, my first ever drabble. Itís actually 100 words on the nose, and Iím rather surprised at myself. This was written for the 20_inkspots community on Livejournal, which can be found at From the Light theme set; One Word Trigger 12: Optimism.

Please tell me what you think.

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