Vignette Collection: A Stream of Infidelity by Papirini

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-02-16 Modified:2006-02-16
Summary:sm_monthly drabble.
A Stream of Infidelity

"You know, I once cheated on Mamo-chan."

All of the girls spit their teas out at this revelation. They stared at Usagi, their eyes bugged out, as if the words had come from a completely different person.

Yes, it was true that they were spending the day at Crown Parlor, gossiping about guys, girls, love and cheating, but Usagi's voice had been frank, and now she stared at everyone as if what she said was the most normal thing in the world.

"You......" Finally, Minako slowly worded what everyone else was thinking. ".....didn't."
"Oooh, it's not what you think, exactly." Usagi grinned as she waved her hand. "It was in the past life. I could never cheat on him now!!"
"But....the past life?!" Makoto's mouth hung down into her lap. "That's even worse!"
"Oh, well...." A bead of sweat trickled down Usagi's face. "It wan't all bad. I mean, what happened was that....there was this guy."
"There always is."
"I had heard some rumors that Endymion was a ladies man. A completely shameless person when it came to cheating on lovers. It was when I didn't know him very well, when our relationship was beginning. I began to doubt him, so I.....found myself in the arms....of another man."

There was a strange, dreamlike look in her eyes as she spoke. It was obvious that she cherished the memory that she was about to impart. The other girls moved in closer to hear what she had to say for herself.

"Aaah....the Furat du Solis Lacus." Usagi closed her eyes. "A mysterious noble whom I had a fancy for. He came from Mars, and he was so smart and beautiful. He had light pink hair, and green eyes, very rare. And....because I thought I loved him, I started to flirt with him, which my mother approved of, because she thought we could be perfect together. She didn't know of Endymion, of course."
"Oh my..."
"Well, I decided to call Endymion to my rooms to tell him that I wanted to break up with him. So he was coming." The girls gasped. "And as I was waiting for him, the Furat came to me. We started kissing, and hugging, and all of a sudden, he started to fondle me. I was totally shocked by this, and even more shocked by his insistence that we should sleep with each other, since we were essentially married he started to pull off my dress..."
"...And I slapped him. That's when something fell out of his pocket. It was a ring. He was already married!"
"A married guy...!!"
"So I realized my stupidity, and I kicked him into my fireplace so he would get all dirty and sooty."
"...It wasn't lit, guys."
"But at that time, Endymion came in, just as I had adjusted myself. I was so scared; I thought that he could see the Furat, and it would be all over. But he didn't see him; the jerk managed to cover himself in soot and wood chips so he was disguised. But Endymion was tired, and he had to relieve himself...."

There was silence at this.

"And, well, even with all our technology, you know we didn't have indoor plubming...."

More silence.

"So....what else did we use the fireplace for?"

There was a snicker from Minako at this.

"Oh my god."
"So, well, I didn't break up with Endymion, and from that day I decided not to. It turned out the rumors were just that - rumors." Usagi smirked. "But I did break up with the Furat for being a heartless cheater. And when Endymion left, I kicked the Furat out of my room, pee, soot, wood chips and all."
"That's what he gets for being a jerk."
"But did you ever tell Endymion?"
"Eventually. But he forgave me for it." Usagi nodded. "Though, he didn't see me for a few days after I told him - he was upset. But we did make up."
"Well, at least you learned you lesson, Usagi." Rei sighed. "Cheaters never prosper."
"Oh, don't I know it." Usagi's grin widened. "Because later that day, the Furat du Solis Lacus had a promotion ceremony with my mother, and he didn't have time to change....?"

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