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Rating:PG Created:2006-02-15
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-04-25
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For Shitow Haruka, a training deployment aboard the Lilia Litvyak during Valentine's Day might provide her with more surprises that she could had ever expected.

Author's Comments:

Just a silly Valentine's Day themed fic that just popped in my head and wouldn't let go.

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Review by blue 2006-03-03

Hahahahahaha!!! I loved that whole Megu in the co-pilot seat scene! Omake was priceless! And for the rest of the fic, I can sum it up in one word: "AWWWWWWWW!!!!"

That and, "NO! Why did you stick with canon? Do you know what that MEANS?! That means--"

NO SMUT FOR ME!!! ;___;

Right... Other than the lack of smut *pointed look* It was GREAT!!!! SO KAWAII!! BLUSHING AYATO-KUN!!!

*sparkly fan-girl eyes*

MMMMMMMMMmmm... (more)

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