General Library: Adventures in Tokyo-Land by Covenmouse

Rating:PG Created:2010-08-14
Genre:General Updated:2010-08-18
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Chapter One (PHP)
Chapter Two (PHP)


When ten-year-old Alec Law and his kid brother, Daz, were told that they were finally to meet their estranged grandfather, the last thing they expected was to be left with him in a country whose ways are far unlike anything they experienced at home. Though Daz is quick to adjust, Alec finds himself torn over one question: why would his mother leave her children with a man that seems to hate?

Author's Comments:

This was written as a gift fic for my friend, Charlie-or CC2. As she requested, characters involved are the children of Rei Hino and Jadeite-so, mostly OCs from here on in, with the exception of "Ojiisan" or Takashi Hino, Rei's father. As always, I've developed a mixture of Manga and Anime canon for this, and am completely ignoring STARS-otherwise, you can assume that all canon events (at least, a version of them) are true.

I did my best to be as true to Brit and Japanese culture as I could, but if there's anything that's "OMG WRONG," please feel free to inform me. The translation convention is also out of town for the duration of the fic.

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